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Overview Brochure: City of Las Vegas 


Client:  Area Development, Special Publications Division 

Project:  Write first-ever economic development brochure for the Economic Development agency of the City of Las Vegas

There is way more to Vegas than gambling; just ask the thousands of business people who make a living here in non-gambling industries. The Economic and Urban Development Department (EUD) of the City of Las Vegas creates and encourages new development and redevelopment throughout this thriving Nevada community.  Specifically, the agency is tasked with diversifying the local economy, and creating jobs through business attraction, retention and expansion programs. 


The City of Las Vegas needed to promote its thriving business community and diverse flourishing industries whose existence was overshadowed by all the gambling activity. Bastian was flown out to Vegas for a week’s worth of meetings and interviews with key stakeholders in the region. Then she wrote a 3,000-word brochure used by the City’s economic development agency to attract U.S. and foreign companies considering a relocation decision. This successful marketing piece won a multi-state IABC Silver Quill writing award. It was one of three brochures Bastian wrote for EUDLas Vegas.


Writing, editing, interviewing, research, project planning, high-level interpersonal communications.

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