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Prepare Your Business Communications 
for the Critical Needs of Today & Tomorrow

Partner With Lisa Bastian of  


Professional Writing, Editing, Business Research,
PR/Media Relations, Social Media, Website Development


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"Since starting my award-winning virtual agency in 1986, I’ve partnered with a multitude of clients across different fields to create well over 700 editorial, marketing and PR pieces for print and online channels. With brand image and audiences in mind, I work closely with each client to execute custom communication solutions to solve individualized needs. Contact me today to find out how my team can help your organization create, revamp or upgrade its communications across the board."


Bastian is a rare talent: She's an award-winning, seasoned journalist, an editor AND a PR professional who understands communications from multiple perspectives. She also was "certified" trustworthy (cleared at Top Secret level) for 10+ years by the Federal Govt.

BastianPR was instrumental in the successful rollout of our new Cincinnati One Book Yellow Pages. With no prior knowledge of our company or our business they researched and quickly grasped an understanding of our goals and expectations. Spending countless hours on research and writing, BPR produced and distributed a media kit that accomplished our objectives and told our story. Their dedication and commitment to this project exceeded all expectations.

   This is owed in large part to the well-organized and managed PR plan and final execution that delivered our message to the media. Due to the initial confidentiality of the project, BPR was relied upon to be totally ethi-cal and extremely trustworthy from the onset. They worked extremely well under the deadlines and the stringent legal constraints that were faced. I would highly recommend Bastian Public Relations to anyone seeking professional public relations services that get results."

  • Doreen Maycovich, Advertising/Community Relations Manager, RHDonnelley (Dun & Bradstreet, NJ)

We appreciate the outstanding job Bastian Public Relations has done on the many economic development articles and special marketing publications written for us; in particular, Location New Jersey and Guide to Mexico's Industrial Parks. Our readers—and clients—are well-served by these pieces. Lisa’s copy is written in a lively, informative manner and always delivered on time. Most importantly, Bastian Public Relations is completely cooperative in meeting the de-mands of our editorial agenda."

  • G.G., Editor of national economic development magazine, 42,000 readers; client 20+ years

Our Business Expo in Cincinnati never received as much media coverage as was generated by your outstanding efforts. BPR's publicity program brought us more coverage than we possibly could have purchased, and will make our job of satisfying our exhibitors and producing future shows that much easier."  

  • James Klaserner, GM, International Business Expo (Cincinnati); client for 7 years


Award Winning

Trusted Partner

Integrity Focused




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[ Corporate Writer ]


Researches, writes corporate communications articles appearing in print/online publications for diverse industries; conducts business competitive analysis 

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[ Journalist ]


Writes well-researched features and news stories by tapping into over 25 years of award-winning experience as journalist published in national publications

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[ Editorial Services ]


Offers array of editorial services, from editing, proofreading and editorial planning, to researching, interviewing and project management of ideas and staff

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[ Social Media ]

Writes, designs. schedules social media posts supporting brand outreach goals; conducts keen competitive analysis

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[ Website Creation ]

Creates engaging website content and sitemap; hires designers to ensure digital presence reflects messaging by words & images

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[ Media/PR Relations ]

Provides comprehensive media relations services, from crafting  press releases to building stakeholder relationships

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Logos, AI Art, Digital Design ]

Creates brilliantly executed logos and original AI art for publications plus designs digital publications

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