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is your organization heard IN THE NOISE AND SEEN in the DARKNESS?

If not, we change that as your new partner you can trust to use the right words to connect, educate, train and/or entertain your audiences.

Bastian Public Relations exists to create professional communications helping people and businesses connect with customers and stand out from the crowd. And we've been doing this nationwide since 1986.

Let us help you allow your brand's voice to be heard in familiar and new marketplaces. To be seen by customers, prospects, vendors, industry leaders, investors, allies and community influencers. To break away from corporate-speak and boring messaging that actually tears down your brand. 

Don't wait in the darkness by yourself any more; allow us to shed light and promote the posivitivity of your organization's people, projects, services, products and mission to the world. W
e'll clean up existing marketing materials and websites, and create new ones, so you'll look your authentic best for ongoing AND once-in-a-lifetime PR moments.

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Bastian creates editorial products to help organizations manage both internal and external communications. Services include: 

  • creation of unique AI art to illustrate content, plus new and updated logos

  • creation of website site maps and content, editing of existing website content, analysis of competitor websites, review of design integration with content for readability

  • copywriting marketing and sales materials of all kinds

  • social media content creation/management; analysis of ongoing results of engagement

  • Powerpoint (and PP video) presentations for internal and external audiences, including prospects

  • writing and publishing newsletters, magazines, blog articles

  • coordination of entire production process of publications

  • media releases and full press kits created and distributed via third-party distributors to targeted audiences

  • creation or review of PR/marketing and other strategic operational business plans 



Agency owner Lisa Bastian also has over 30 years of experience as an award-winning journalist published by various industry and leisure market publications reaching national and regional audiences. These services include:

  • straight news 

  • feature articles

Bastian has won most of her 30 communications awards in her role as a journalist, and authored well over 600 pieces for print and online channels.


Lisa has decades of experience working on the staff of national magazines, and serving as Editor in Chief for regional magazines where she managed staff, projects and stakeholders. She currently self-publishes digital magazine ( 


Services offered clients in this area include:

  • providing high level of attention to the smallest of details regarding content, formatting and design of materials

  • curation of content via multiple channels and maintain brand voice throughout

  • upholding established brand and quality standards (formatting, tone, voice, etc.)

  • incorporating SEO keywords into copy, but only when this doesn't dilute/dumb down the message/story

  • overseeing production of materials at all creative stages, up until print day!

  • creating/managing editorial calendar

  • managing staff (designers, writers, editors, technical support, etc.) and finding new talent

  • engaging and building relationships with key stakeholders inside and outside organization, including the media

  • hiring and working collaboratively with experts in other fields who can help make publication more visible and dynamic

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