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Economic Development Business Articles

Below are web links to just some of the many award-winning business articles written by Lisa Bastian for Area Development magazine, America's leading economic development journal with over 42,000 subscribers.  


Lisa has served as a Senior Editor / Contributing Writer for over 25 years, creating content for its website and magazine as well as for client brochures marketing cities, states and nations. Typically each "long-form" article is 1,500 to 2,800 words in length, and involves extensive research into the topic and finding the right experts to interview, if needed.


Lisa has won a few prestigious writing awards for articles and brochures created for the magazine or its economic development clients. All this experience has only enhanced her skills used to do research, interview experts, and write quality content for other clients as well.

Relatedly, Lisa also served as Editor of the magazine's "Front Line" business blog, producing over 100 news posts (15 per week). To view 14 samples, click here.

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  • Q&A Interview with American Crane's Karen Northeim (see pgs. 14-15)




  • Regional Report: The South's Automotives, Alternative Energy Sectors Ready to Grow  

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