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Marketing Research Business Analyst 


Client: Bowman Marketing Services

Projects: Creation of targeted corporate research for sales teams of client's customers

In today's data-driven world, sales/marketing teams must operate like tigers going after new sales leads to be successful. They all must be hard-working, enthusiastic and efficient. But that's not enough....Without the right kind of business intelligence to guide them, those teams will have a much more difficult job understanding the needs of prospects, and closing deals.


That's where Bowman Marketing Services (BMS) comes into play. For years household-name clients have relied upon hired the firm to create targeted and comprehensive analysis reports of prospect companies. These lengthy reports provide vital information such as: the identity of decision-makers, current company initiatives, organizational reporting structures, budget details, corporate culture, requirements to become a vendor, technologies used by the prospect company, and other key operational, marketing and IT department details.


For about two years, Bastian was retained on the BMS team as a freelance Business Analyst creating two to four intelligence reports a month. Companies she deep-dive researched ranged from grocery stores, insurance and tech giants, to financial services firms and medical/healthcare corporations. Bastian also was helpful in finding new ways to add "readability" value to the template used for all reports.


Internet-based research and deep analysis of databases, press releases and corporate websites; writing and editing; image procurement/editing; desktop publishing of reports; constructive use of other procured data by client's data-scraping teams; project coordination, etc.

BELOW:  Example pages from a corporate intelligence report like the dozens of reports produced by Bastian for Bowman's clients. Images sourced from BMS public website.

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