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Image by madeleine ragsdale

Columnist for Kansas City Magazine


Client: Ingrahm's Magazine, city business publication, Kansas City, MO

Project: Founding Columnist for new monthly column about the people and places in Kansas City serving exceptional wine and beer


Ingram's Magazine is the leading business publication in Missouri and Kansas for more than 45 years. No other publication, broadcast outlet or Internet medium works harder to cover business, industry and economic development trends throughout the bi-state region. Its issues contain news, features and business statistics relevant to every one of the seven diverse regions in each state.


The editor of Ingrahm's hired Bastian as a Columnist (writer) to debut its new column all about the people and places owning outstanding local restaurants with equally outstanding wine/beer offerings. Lisa wrote a few pieces prior to moving states away (thus, ending her participation in the project). The first article was about a famous downtown Kansas City restaurant featurng a wine cellar so outstanding that it attracted Business Titans who flew in from around the country to "seal deals" with expensive wine from this eatery.



Interviewing, research, on-site restaurant vists, writing.

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