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Missouri FAM Trip

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At the time of the FAM trip, Missouri was home to 10 Fortune 500 companies and just as many of “America’s Largest Private Companies” as designated by Forbes. Three primary strengths put the state on the short list of relocating companies: labor, logistics, and long-term business benefits. Its key industries include Life Sciences, Transportation and Logistics, Information Technology, Financial Services, National Security, Agricultural Business, Automotive and Energy.

Bastian took part in a business FAM trip sponsored by the state government of Missouri designed to showcase its economic development assets, especially those focused on life sciences. After meeting with the Governor, other government officials, senior executives and community leaders at various events and facilities, she wrote a major story for Area Development, a national economic development magazine.


While traveling to cities between St. Louis and Kansas City, Bastian especially enjoyed visiting Medicago (a research firm making swine flu vaccine from the common tobacco plant), the Danforth Plant Science Center, Monsanto’s headquarters, and Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

One bucket list" highlight: Lisa was chosen to ride in the speeding pace car (televised on global TV) weaving between hundreds of bicyclists competing in the 2009 Tour of Missouri, an internationally renowned biking event.

Interviewing, writing, editing, research, interpersonal communications — and a sense of adventure.

Lisa in Pace Car!
Danforth Center
Stowers Institute
Monsanto HQ
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