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Excited Traveler

Travel Writer for Consumer Advocacy Website



Project: Travel Editor who researched, wrote weekly travel stories for consumer education website

Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, was founded in 1999 and operated as a subsidiary of Nielsen BuzzMetrics, Inc. until 2017. was the first major online consumer feedback website on the Internet. Its platform gathered information from consumers; provided business letter templates they could use to file complaints with companies, and allowed consumers to update their feedback in the form of complaints, compliments, questions and suggestions. then forwarded those feedback letters to companies through e-mails, fax, or snail mails after consumer approval. The website also allowed consumers to send their business letters sent to companies to friends and family members. This acitivity created increased connections between consumers and brands, and helped resolve thousands of issues. 

Additionally, the website provided original stories helping consumers navigate the purchasing of dozens of products and services nationwide.


Bastian was hired as the Travel Editor within the company’s first year of operation. For months she wrote three to five online stories a week (110+ articles, 300 to 500 words in length) about various consumer travel topics (e.g,, hotels, car rentals, airport travel, healthy travelling tips, etc.) These stories were prominently published in planetfeedback’s popular online magazine. (Bastian’s tenure ended when the firm decided to turn over its freelance writing work to employees.)  


Webgrrls International (a global group of digital creatives) named Bastian a “Webgrrl of the Week” in recognition of her prolific writing online with


Interviewing, writing, research.

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