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Solera Website Development 


Client:  Solera Inc.

Project: Rewrite and create new content for brand-new website of global business based in U.S.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Solera Inc. is the world’s leading provider of software and services to the auto insurance claims processing industry. At the time of the project (2011), this global automotive software/services holding company operated 10 businesses in more than 52 countries across 6 continents. Revenues were $838.1 million dollars year-end 2013; and $790.2 million dollars year-end 2012.


Solera Inc. decided it needed a new, modern website to reflect its high-tech industry and worldwide footprint. It hired our agency to do all the content development work, and a graphic design agency to do the website design and coding. After consulting with management, Bastian began researching the company’s “DNA” and reviewing quality corporate websites to determine how best to put together a dynamic sitemap. Once that foundational piece  was approved, she then researched, wrote and edited content for all areas of the new website; including executive bios of the President and his top managers. Bastian also worked closely with the graphic designer throughout the months-long process. The resulting website received rave reviews, both internally and externally.



Research, writing, editing, interviewing of C-suite peeps, collaboratively working with client-provided website designer. Click links below to view copy Bastian wrote for the company prior to its present website:

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