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PR for Gifted Children Program


Client: The Super Saturday Program for Gifted Children

Project: First PR Director...Secure local PR, establish new logo/tagline and "Spirit Wear" clothing, write/publish class schedule, support parents/teachers as board member

The Super Saturday Program for Gifted Children is unique in the nation as a parent-run group helping thousands of youngsters for decades in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern KY region. Founded in 1981, this quality enrichment program serves intellectually gifted children, ages 4 to 14, from October to April of each year. Children sign up for classes held Saturday mornings and afternoons during Fall, Winter and Spring terms. Well over 950 children attend Super Saturday throughout each yearly cycle. They can choose from dozens of two-hour classes ranging from computer science, photography, biology and chess, to origami, writing, art and architecture, chemistry and much more.

The Super Saturday Program is run by the Parent Association for Gifted Education (PAGE), an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. PAGE's mission of PAGE is to serve intellectually gifted children early in their lives and recognize their significantly different educational needs. PAGE also provides opportunities for parents to learn about the special needs of gifted children and to interact with other parents of gifted children. PAGE is comprised of all of the parents, teachers and volunteers who are involved in The Super Saturday Program. 


Bastian served on PAGE Board of Directors for six years, and for most of that time was the group’s PR Director. In that role, she networked with parents every Saturday in the Parent waiting room (a place to relax while the children attended classes) and helped facilitate the numerous gifted education speakers who address the parents about gifted education topics. Bastian helped write and desktop publish class schedules for the three yearly terms, and secured local publicity for Suepr Saturday on cable TV shows and in  newspaper articles. She also led the effort to create a new, professional logo for Super Saturday, which then was used to created revenue-raising T-shirts and sweatshirts with the first-ever organizational tagline of "It's okay to be smart" (so good it was later "stolen" by PBS for their gifted program marketing.) That messaging resonated deeply within the PAGE community, as too many of these children needed affirmation that theire intellectual gifts were strengths, not weaknesses or abnormalities.

Bastian’s two children attended Super Saturday for six years. Lisa credits this outstanding enrichment program with helping them develop their individual creative and intellectual gifts in the medical and educational fields.


Interviewing, writing, editing, community relations, media relations, strategic planning and implementation, desktop publishing, board meeting leadership interactions.


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