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Switzerland FAM Trip

Switzerland is the world’s most competitive economy due to its innovation and technology focus, liberal economic system, and political stability. The country offers first-class education and healthcare, excellent infrastructure, high quality of life, and a competitive tax system.  Everyone knows Switzerland is a leading exporter of luxury watches as clocks.  But beyond the timepieces, other key industries abound: automotive, building technology, cleantech, info technology, life sciences, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, medical technology and commodities trading.


Bastian was invited by the government of Switzerland to participate in a week-long FAM trip highlighting the economic development assets of the country.  Lisa and four other seasoned journalists–all representing renowned business magazines–traveled to a different beautiful city every day. Lucerne, Bern, Zurich, Geneva and Basel were highlights of this 5-star adventure. The tour of the Victorinox factory, maker of original Swiss Army Knives, was a huge favorite.


A Swiss film crew was assigned to shoot daily videos of the journalists at work. After meeting with scores of federal and local government officials, C-suite executives and community leaders, Bastian somehow found time to dine in a Medieval castle, and downhill ski (for the first time in her life). Fortunately, this athletic feat happened on a Swiss bunny trail (on a Swiss alp) after downing obligatory "warming" vodka shots given to all skiers. Face-planting ended this fun run. Other personal highlights included shopping for famous Swiss-made lace and crystal, enjoying a super-fast sleigh ride with white horses in the woods (sleigh bells were ringing), and dining al fresco next to a lake filled with white swans.


Post-trip, Bastian’s article about Switzerland’s many outstanding investment opportunities for U.S. companies was published in Area Development national economic development magazine.


Writing, interviewing, research, interpersonal communications at high-level government and corporate meetings.

Bern, capitol city
Switzerland countryside
Swan on a lake
Skiing on a slope
Image by Andreas Fischinger
Sleigh ride in Swiss wood
Alphorn musicians
Image by Yura Lytkin
Image by Johannes Hofmann
View from a window
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