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SVP/San Antonio Annual Report


Client:  Social Venture Partners San Antonio 

Project: Research, writer 2020 annual report for local chapter of international organization of volunteers aiding nonprofits

Social Venture Partners is the largest network of engaged donors in the world. Through over 3,400 supporting funders and partners, it supports more than 900 nonprofits with $80 million+ in funding. Social Venture Partners San Antonio (SVPSA) cultivates local philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits and invests in collaborative solutions to build powerful relationships to tackle the community’s most pressing social challenges.


Bastian was hired to serve as the main writer/editor for the 2020 annual report of SVPSA, and work with the graphic designer to ensure the visual success of the final project. 


Interviewing, writing, research, editing, proofing, coordination with designer

  • Launch 2020 annual report Bastian wrote (or click PDF logo below)

  • Launch SVPSA website

  • Launch SVP International website

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